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Ages 2-4

Our Mini Academy educates young new dancers ages 2-4.  These classes are designed as a fun and developmentally appropriate introduction to dance and creative movement.  The Dance Centré's annual “Spring Showcase” performance exclusively features our Mini Academy dancers each May at Wapakoneta’s Performing Arts Center.



Terrific Two’s (45 mins)

A marvelous start for young dancers ages 2-3!  Terrific Two’s serves a gentle guide for the youngest dancers.  We introduce class structure through fun activities, exercises and explorations of rhythm, coordination, creative movement, basic dance skills and tumbling.


Dance 1 (1 hour)

Dance 1 follows our Terrific Two’s AND educates young new dancers ages 3-4.  This class is designed to develop coordination and body control!  We begin to explore basic stretching techniques, foundational ballet techniques, introductory tap techniques and tumbling skills.

Young Dance Class


Ages 4 through 2nd grade


Petite Academy has been developed to provide the foundational building blocks of dance education. It consists of our three traditional Combination (Combo) Classes which, enrich young dancers in coordination, body control, flexibility, and strength. Additional courses are available and these classes have been carefully designed to continue the implementation of foundational dance skills and techniques while encouraging young dancers to engage in their dance education based upon their preference of study. 


Petite Combo (1 hour)

Petite Combo follows our Dance 1 and services dancers ages 4-5.  We teach, explore, and implement basic technical skills in Tap, Ballet and Tumbling.

Advanced Combo (1 hour)

Advanced Combo follows our Petite Combo and services dancers ages 5-6.  We teach, explore, and implement basic technical skills in Tap, Ballet and Tumbling.

Elite Combo (1 hour)

Elite Combo follows Advanced Combo and services dancers ages 6-7.  We teach, explore, and implement basic technical skills in Tap, Ballet and Jazz.

Dance Fusion (1 hour)

Dance Fusion follows our Elite Combo AND is offered to dancers ages 7-8.  It is designed as a transitional class to prepare dancers for The Dance Centré's Academy of Excellence.  We will teach basic skills, explore and experiment within the genres of Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical and Hip-hop.

Jazz/Hip-hop (1 hour)

Jazz/Hip Hop is available to dancers
ages 5-2nd Grade.  This class focuses on teaching and implementing an incorporation of both technical Jazz skills and Hip-hop moves.

Petite Ballet (1 hour)

Petite Ballet is designed as a whimsical and creative introduction to Ballet for dancers ages 5-2nd Grade.  We explore and engage in the essential basic skills, technique, and disciplines of Ballet.  We introduce, teach, and promote proper posture, muscle engagement and proper classroom attire.  The class, through many creative activities and exercises, will touch upon and cover proper barre approach and behavior, center floor, progressions, combinations, and creative improvisation.

Hip-hop Flip Flop (1 hour)

Hip-hop Flip Flop is a high-energy class designed for dancers ages 5-2nd Grade.  We’ve centered this curriculum around those dancers ready to show off their new moves while working on rhythm, coordination, and the musicality needed for the latest Hip-hop technique. This class focuses on teaching and implementing an incorporation of both Hip-hop movements and Tumbling basics.

Tumbling (1 hour)

Our Petite Academy Tumbling classes are available to students ages 4-2nd Grade.  We introduce flexibility and strength training as we focus on the developmental mastery of technical tumbling skills.  Classes are built upon and progress through beginner, intermediate, and advanced tumbling levels.  Placement in classes is based upon age, maturity, and skill level.

Our Petite Academy is designed to educate young dancers ages 4 through 2nd grade. 
Petite Academy dancers are exclusively featured in The Dance Centré's “Petite Show”. 
Our “Petite Show” production takes place annually on the Saturday afternoon following Memorial Day
at Lima Veterans Memorial Civic & Convention Center (Crouse Performance Hall).



Ages 2nd grade through 12th grade

Our Academy of Excellence provides classes by genre and services dancers ages 2nd grade through 12th grade.  Academy of Excellence dancers are featured in The Dance Centré's annual Recital Performance
at Lima Veterans Memorial Civic & Convention Center (Crouse Performance Hall) beginning at 7pm
on the Friday and Saturday following Memorial Day.

Tap (1 hour)

A form of dance characterized by the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion and syncopation.  Tap dancers will focus on developing musicality, coordination skills and rhythmic awareness.


Jazz (1 hour)

Jazz class combines stylized movement with technique and appeals to many due to its high energy and variety.  Jazz, while based in Ballet principles, draws inspiration from an array of music including jazz, swing, blues, pop, soul, and funk.  Dancers will focus on technique, flexibility, and strength.

Ballet (1 or 1.5 hour)

A 19th century, highly technical and foundational form of dance.  Dancers will focus on proper body alignment, technique, and fluid movement through barre exercises, center floor, and progressive combinations.


Pointe (1.5 hours)

Pointe classes are available to advanced Ballet dancers at the discretion of the Ballet instructor.  Permission required.



Lyrical (1 hour)

A stylistically expressive form of dance that merges ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance techniques.  Lyrical dancers will explore and experiment with choreographic phrasing inspired by the music’s lyrics.  Improvisational exercises will allow dancers to emote and “story tell” through fluid movement.


Tumbling (1 or 1.5 hour)

Students will work toward a mastery of tumbling skills, technique, strength, and flexibility.  Classes will progress with the student and are available at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.  Placement is based upon age and current skill level.

Hip-Hop (1 hour)

A very popular and energetic “street” style of dance.  Hip-hop classes will explore and experiment with a wide range of styles including breaking, locking, and popping through exercises, combinations, and improvisational activities.

The Dance Centre
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