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Please discuss these rules with your dancers prior to class to help ensure a successful classroom experience. Thank you!

Dancers are to arrive promptly for class, and be dressed in proper dress code and have the correct dance shoes.

ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD or GUM IN THE DANCE ROOMS. We ask that everyone help keep our facility clean by limiting all other food and drinks to the lobby.


No using cell phones  in the class rooms. Please turn off cell phones before entering class. If you need to reach your students please contact the office. 


All dancers must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times unless they are in class.


All dancers- Please use the restroom BEFORE class begins to avoid accidents and interruptions.


NO parents, friends, or siblings in the classroom at ANYTIME. This is for the benefit of your dancer.  They will learn more if we have their complete attention. Our designated Parent Watch week is in APRIL. Anytime you feel you need to make a visit contact your instructor.  


Our staff is always available during office hours to answer any questions you might have. If you need to speak with your child’s teacher, please call to set up an appointment as we rarely have time between classes.  You may also e-mail us at

Dress Code

Girls- are required to wear appropriate dancewear to class. Leotards, tights, dance shorts & skirts are all acceptable. Hair must be pulled up.

Boys - may wear sweatpants/shorts and tight fitting t-shirts.  No jeans or jean shorts. No pockets in shorts or pants.

*Dance shoes should not be worn outside. Students' names should be clearly written on all their dance attire and shoes.
*All dance supplies can be purchased at Four Seasons Dance Shoppe located next door to the main Dance Centre’ building.

The Dance Centre
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