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Remind Texts

Please sign up for this special mass texting service as it will allow The Dance Centré to communicate and send reminders out about important information.


To use this text service please text the below code that pertains to you to 81010, then it will ask you to respond with your first and last name. Both parents and students are encouraged to do this! If you have dancers in multiple categories, you must do this for each code to be sure you receive the appropriate information.  

@tdcallstar  - Allstar Cheer

@tdcteam – Dance Competition Team

@tdcd1 – Dance 1

@tdces – Evening Show

@tdcam – Morning Classes

@tdcps – Petite Show

@tdct2 – Terrific 2’s 

If you move up to another category and do not want to receive texts from the previous class please text or e-mail us and we will remove you from that category.

Registration Fee 

A non-refundable annual registration fee is due by August 1 or at the time you submit your application.

The registration fee is $15.00 for an individual or $25.00 per family.


Costumes are approximately $50-$95 each for dancers in our Showcase and Petite Show and for dancers in Evening show $50-$125 per class and Dance Company $75-$150. Costume deposit of $50 per class is due by October 1. If you drop before costumes are ordered, your deposit will be refunded in full.  If you drop after costumes are ordered you will be required to pay all balances due on your costumes. Costumes are ordered by November 1st. The costume balance must be paid by February 1. There may be additional items that you have to purchase for recital that are not included in the costume cost. These items such as shoes, tights, gloves, make-up, paint, props, and some alterations are in addition. 


The finale is a very important part of our show and we feel that it is important to the dancers as well. This is a special time that we get to see all of our dancers on stage together.  Finale outfits can range from $20.00 - $35.00.


Dancers are expected to keep good attendance. Like any other discipline, dance includes a continual progression of material. Substantial absence from a class will greatly affect the student’s ability to advance. Please call or e-mail the studio to inform us when your dancer will be missing class. 419-738-4568 or

Make-up Classes

Lessons missed may be made up at your convenience.  Please contact the office about make-up times.


If students decide to withdraw from a class you must notify the office as soon as possible. Students will be responsible for payment for all classes prior to notification.

Photo/Video Policy

Photographs and videos of classes and performances taken at The Dance Centré and the Dance Centré performances may be used to promote the studio in advertisements, local newspapers, our website, and online in Facebook and Instagram. If you prefer that you or your dancer not be photographed, please notify the office at the time of registration.


Class Cancellations

Class cancellations due to inclement weather conditions will be on WLIOTV and Facebook by 2:00 pm for afternoon/evening classes. Notifications of weather cancellations will also be made through REMIND, our text service, so please sign-up. Classes are NOT necessarily cancelled when school has been cancelled.

The Dance Centre
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